As a church leader, I imagine great sound is something that you desire. Imagine showing up every Sunday confident that it’s going to sound great!

In this video, I explain how Church Sound Made Simple will help your sound team create a great mix every time.

Easy Onboarding
Consistent Mixing
Confident Team

Mixing sound seems complicated.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Church Sound Made Simple is no-fluff training to help you and your team create great sound without wasting time.

Join 1,637 Sound Techs

Enrolled in Church Sound Made Simple

There were so many buttons I didn’t know where to start. Now that I found your help, it is much easier for me.

Dennis Morales

Thanks so much for not only providing great training but also being quick to respond to our specific problems.

Timothy Minks

What you have done is such an awesome resource for complete sound newbies like me. Thank you so much!

Daniel Ronquillo

“I wish I could say I was blown away but honestly that would be an understatement! I was amazed by the simplicity of your teaching and the results I’ve had from doing what you told me to do.”

Drey Bohannan

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